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Fundamental tools for understanding and applying the medical literature and making clinical diagnoses.
Core Topics in Evidence-Based Medicine
Learn how to recognize, classify, and prioritize important patient or policy problems.
Construct clinical questions that facilitate an efficient search for evidence.
Gather important and convincing evidence from high-quality repositories of the health literature.
Systematically check best available evidence for indications of validity, importance, and usefulness.
Interpret the applicability of evidence to specific problems, given patient preferences and values.
In Practice
A 21-year-old college student with a flulike illness for 2 days presents to the student health... Continue reading
November 2014 | Featured on JAMAevidence
JAMAevidence PODCAST  

Sheri A. Keitz, MD, PhD, discusses the rational clinical examination for alcohol abuse. (11:42)

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New Chapter from The Rational Clinical Examination

Rotator Cuff Disease
Evidence-Based Medicine Oral History 

Watch the new video featuring interviews of the leaders of the Evidence-based medicine (EBM) movement.
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Users' Guides to the Medical Literature
Users' Guides to the Medical Literature
A Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice, 2nd Edition
Qualitative Research

After a grand rounds presentation by a visiting speaker on polypharmacy in the elderly, you reflect on . . . Continue reading
The Rational Clinical Examination
The Rational Clinical Examination
Evidence-Based Clinical Diagnosis
Breast Cancer

The risk of breast cancer increases as a function of age. The lifetime risk for US women is 12% . . . Continue reading
Care at the Close of Life
Care at the Close of Life
Evidence and Experience
Palliative Management of Fatigue at the Close of Life: “It Feels Like My Body Is Just Worn Out”

Mrs D is an 82-year-old retired nurse with a history of interstitial lung disease, hypertension, coronary disease . . . Continue reading
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