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Care at the Close of Life: Evidence and Experience
Stephen J. McPhee, Margaret A. Winker, Michael W. Rabow, Steven Z. Pantilat, Amy J. Markowitz
Part B Symptom Management
Chapter 9. Palliative Management of Fatigue at the Close of Life: “It Feels Like My Body Is Just Worn Out”
Sriram Yennurajalingam, MD, Eduardo Bruera, MD
Causes of Fatigue

Topics Discussed: fatigue

Excerpt: "Fatigue is a multidimensional syndrome, often with multiple contributing causes.16-19 Physiologic, psychological, and situational factors can contribute to fatigue, as exemplified by Mrs D's anemia, weight loss, depression, dyspnea, deconditioning, isolation, and polypharmacy. Chronic diseases can produce factors, such as circulating cytokines, inflammation, and autonomic failure, that may mediate fatigue.20-24..."
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