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Care at the Close of Life: Evidence and Experience
Stephen J. McPhee, Margaret A. Winker, Michael W. Rabow, Steven Z. Pantilat, Amy J. Markowitz
Part C Disease Management
Chapter 12. Alzheimer Disease: “It’s OK, Mama, If You Want to Go, It’s OK”
Ann C. Hurley, RN, DNSc, Ladislav Volicer, MD, PhD
Community Care

Topics Discussed: alzheimer disease

Excerpt: "In the United States, more than 70% of patients with AD live at home1 and receive community-based care. Counseling and support programs for spouse caregivers can delay nursing home placement for elders with AD.25 An intervention of 6 sessions of family counseling, including joining a support group, and having access to counselors resulted in almost 1 additional year in the community before nursing home placement.26 Using 9 years of data from this on-going clinical trial, the difference in median time to placement was 557 days for intervention group care recipients. Intervention group care recipients also reported greater satisfaction with social support, better-quality responses to behavioral problems, and fewer depressive symptoms.27 When frail older patients cared for by physicians via home visits selected their preference for a specific place of death, plans were successful in 91%28; however, we could identify no similar studies for patients with AD. Providing physician care via home visits may improve end-of-life care for older persons.28,29..."
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