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Users' Guides to the Medical Literature
Guyatt G, Rennie D, Meade MO, Cook DJ
Part B Therapy
Chapter 9.2. Surprising Results of Randomized Trials
Christina Lacchetti, John Ioannidis, Gordon Guyatt
Table 9.2-1 Refuted Evidence From Nonhuman Studiesa

Topics Discussed: herpes zoster disease, interpretation of results, misleading results, randomized controlled trials, spinal cord injuries, surprising results

Excerpt: "Table 9.2-1 provides examples in which animal or tissue studies gave misleading inferences. In the typical scenario, an attractive promise in nonhuman research is not validated when tested in humans. It is uncommon to see negative results in nonhuman experiments being followed by proof of effectiveness on human studies, probably because interventions that do not show promise at the basic science and animal experimentation level are unlikely to move toward human experimentation...."
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