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Users' Guides to the Medical Literature
Guyatt G, Rennie D, Meade MO, Cook DJ
Part B Therapy
Chapter 10.4. Composite Endpoints
Gordon Guyatt, Victor Montori, Ignacio Ferreira-González, Jason W. Busse, Holger Schünemann, Roman Jaeschke, GaietĂ  Permanyer-Miralda
On the other hand, consider a trial of 4 doses of perioperative aspirin in patients undergoing...

Topics Discussed: aspirin, chronic obstructive airway disease, composite endpoints, glucocorticoids, health outcomes, incorporating patient values and preferences

Excerpt: "Consider a situation in which all components of a CEP are of equal importance to the patient. Were this true, making the assumption that the effect of the intervention on each component endpoint is similar in both relative and absolute terms will not be misleading. If patients consider death, stroke, and MI to be of equal importance, it does not much matter how a 5% ARR in the CEP is distributed across a CEP including these 3 components. Assuming similar effects across components will not adversely affect decision making, even if treatment effects differ substantially...."
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